Phoenix Tree Care
(formerly Wood-Gaines Tree Service)

Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Muskoka
Tel: 416.936.5755


Most trees are removed only when they have decayed to the point where they have lost their structural integrity. Each tree that is removed is put to good use. Trees with sound structural elements are sawn into lumber. Those with galls, interesting grains, bends, crooks, hollows, and coins are made available to artists. All other wood is cut into firewood or chipped and made available as mulch.

Contact us if you would like any of the following products:

Firewood     back

The wood removed from sites is stockpiled back at the yard. As it is a variety of wood and there is no consistency to its size, quality, or quantity, this is normally given away on a first come first serve basis.

Lumber     back

An inventory of timber is available on request. The lumber may or may not have been kiln dried. It is for the most part rough sawn and not planed.

Galls     back

We have some. We come across some interesting pieces of wood sometimes. We often get requests for odd pieces that artists and wood workers love to work with. For example, hollow logs are great for flowerpots and tiki carving.

Cookies, Coins     back

Cookies/Coins are slim rounds of wood that people like to use to make clocks, table tops, maybe a steering wheel for a go cart but have to check the MTO for that.

Mulch: The Missing Link     back

Many trees are suffering from urban stress, i.e., pollution, soil compaction, chemical waste, lack of water, buildings, micro-environmental, over gardening, changes, etc.

Ninety percent of tree roots are in the top 12 inches on soil. The more shallow rooted the tree the more affected by the suns rays, the diurnal temperature changes, and compaction.

Trees are shallow rooted due to their nature but sometimes are more shallow rooted due to the nature of the soil. Roots are unable to attain oxygen at lower depths due to compaction and must grow close to the surface to obtain it. Oxygen is essential for root respiration.

The raking of leaves and organic debris stops the nutrient recycling process that is so important in the forest to allow organic materials to break down and return into the soil to be reused by the plants. This lack of detritus in the urban environment effects soil structure, drainage, aeration, etc. organic mulches, especially wood ships, contain all the essential nutrients for healthy tree growth.

Mulching is the most practical application for protecting and enhancing tree growth. It may appear unnatural or messy but new techniques in camouflaging mulch with various ground covers have certainly improved it viability in the estate environment. Despite the visual disadvantages, mulch provides the following benefits:

  • Moderates the soil temperature from daily highs and lows
  • Insulates the soil from heating and freezing
  • Traps and maintains a good moisture regime
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Reduces erosion
  • Reduces lawn mower and whipper snipper use and damage to trunks
  • Creates a micro-environment of synergetic soil organisms
  • Amends the soil fertility
  • Amends the soil structure (important for aeration and water capacity)